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A micro-organisms or microbe is an organism that’s to small to see with the naked eye. Only if there are lots of them they can be seen.

The most known examples of micro-organisms are viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and algae. Bacteria are the most common and are about 1 micrometer in size.


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A wonderfull clean bathroom
MultiClean Ampoules, MultiCleaner 1 x 5 pieces ampoules € 5.95 incl. VATfrom 2 x 5 pieces ampou..
€ 5.95
text_tax € 4.92

SaniClean Ampoules, Sanitary Cleaner DO NOT RINSE, STREAK FREE, NO FILM Like2Clean SaniCl..
€ 4.65
text_tax € 3.84

VloerClean ampoules, Floor CleanerDO NOT RINSE, STREAK FREE, NO FILM Like2Clean VloerFloor is..
€ 4.65
text_tax € 3.84

VloerClean 1 Liter, Floor Cleaner DO NOT RINSE, STREAK FREE, NO FILM Like2Clean VloerFlo..
€ 8.00
text_tax € 6.61

InDoor Stabilizer Like2Clean InDoor Stabilizer 1 L WMO is a liquid that..
€ 10.50
text_tax € 8.68

BBQClean, BBQ grill cleanerLike2Clean’s BBQClean is a spray with WMO for cleaningbarbecues the easy ..
€ 5.50
text_tax € 4.55

KalkClean, DecalcifierLike2Clean KalkClean is a decalcifier that also degreases, cleans and removes..
€ 6.40
text_tax € 5.29

Dish detergent enriched with WMO.AfwasClean is a super concentrated dish detergent, enriched wi..
€ 6.50
text_tax € 5.37

SaniClean Gel, Sanitary Cleaner   DO NOT RINSE   Like2..
€ 7.10
text_tax € 5.87

Home SprayLike2Clean Home Spray is a versatile spray with WMO for optimal hygiene and protection of..
€ 10.95
text_tax € 9.05